Friday, October 29, 2010

Consistency is the Key to Fat Loss

I've got a short little Friday scenario post for you all today:

For two weeks, you have been training and eating clean. Friday night comes along, and you have a workout scheduled. Your friend calls you and says, "Hey, I'm going out to the bars tonight. Do you want to go?" What do you say? You certainly don't want to let your friend down, but you have to train. Is missing one session and having a few drinks really going to derail your fat loss program?

No. Missing one session and having a few drinks is perfectly fine and will not effect you in the long run... assuming it is just one session. The problem is when one missed training day becomes one missed training day per week or when one drink becomes 3 or 4. When your attitude becomes, "I already screwed up my training program this week, so I'll just get back into the routine next week," you are just about ready to fail.

To ensure a successful program, the most important thing to do is be consistent. If you must miss a training session, make it up! If you slip up on your diet, be extra diligent the following week. If you force yourself to be consistent, your training and diet become habits. Sure, you might rather be doing something else than putting yourself through a grueling training session, but nobody ever got thin from thinking about working out while watching TV or thinking about free range chicken breast while eating a bucket of KFC.

When you stick to a program, good things happen. When you don't, you'll remain in the same rut you've always been in. Of course, if you need help being consistent, surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share a common goal and want you to succeed.

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