Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Theory of Fat Loss Update

I just spent 4 hours today finishing up a really good chapter on aerobics and energy system training for fat loss instead of spending that time watching my alma mater Notre Dame play football. Now that's dedication. I have about 5 chapters left to write (out of about 30 total), so if I stay as highly motivated as I have been recently, I'll be done very shortly. Enjoy this excerpt from the book as a preview.

This is my friend Mike George who is currently a junior and
is serving as one of the ND Leprechauns


With all that being said, you might be led to think that aerobics have no use in a fat loss program. If you thought that (like this author once did), you would be wrong. Why? The main reason is that aerobic training is one of the simplest methods of training to program and implement for cardiac output development.

Cardiac output development (COD) training is something everybody is probably already somewhat familiar with on a basic level. Essentially, this method of training is meant to increase the strength of the heart muscle so that more blood and oxygen can be pumped to the body per beat. The benefits of having a strong heart are increased delivery of oxygen to working muscles, an enhanced recovery between work sets during a training session, and a possible enhanced recovery between training sessions.

Increased oxygen delivery to working muscles is important because it enhances the aerobic energy system's contribution to energy production during an exercise. An increased aerobic contribution means that anaerobic endurance will be extended (the energy substrates needed for the anaerobic systems to produce energy will not be exhausted as quickly). That means that more sets and more reps at a higher intensity can be performed before fatigue sets in, and you know by now that intensity is the key to fat loss.

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