Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is Body Mass Correlated With Fat Loss Potential?

When it comes to fat loss, it is important to realize that certain people are better equipped for it than others. Even if we ignore genetics and physiology completely (which I often like to do because few people want me to get that scientific), this is entirely true. One of the main themes in The Theory of Fat Loss is that the more athletic you are and the better in shape you are, the easier it is for you to cut fat (see Strength for one example of this).

On the other side of that spectrum are the people who are not athletic and not in shape... the people who haven't been to a gym in years and who sit around at their computers or at their TV screens and like to eat... in other words, people who, for lack of a better term, are morbidly obese. You will be interested to know that these people will also find it easy to cut fat! In fact, it might be even easier for them than for anyone else!

Why is this? Think of it this way. People with a lot of fat to lose have a great potential for losing a lot of fat! If you are merely 10 pounds away from that six-pack, you might find those last 10 pounds to be the most stubborn ten pounds in the world... but if you are 100 pounds overweight, losing 10 pounds might not take very long at all.

At the very least, this should provide hope... hope that even the least fit people can make a drastic and positive change in their lives by only making a few simple changes to their lifestyles.

But anyway, I am not satisfied saying that people with a lot of fat to lose can more easily lose fat. While it is true, it does not provide me with a deep sense of knowing why it is true. It seems to make enough logical sense, but I want to dig deeper. To do this, we can call upon the theory of absolute intensity... which is the title of Unit 1 of The Theory of Fat Loss.

Obese people have several advantages when it comes to losing fat. The first is that they usually have extremely strong legs and extremely hypertrophied leg muscles (a great muscle mass) when compared to other people. Strength is one of the most important determinants of fat loss potential, as is muscle mass. The next advantage is that they have an large cardiovascular load at all times. It takes a lot of energy to deliver blood and oxygen to that a large body!

So, when it comes to exercise and training, an obese person can utilize those advantages to make the training more absolutely intense! Absolute intensity is the key to fat loss.

There are several other advantages these people have when it comes to losing fat, and those will all be covered shortly when The Theory of Fat Loss is released! Stay tuned.

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  1. i wish i were obese... then i could lose fat easier

  2. True... but then you would have a further way to go as well.


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