Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fat Loss Theory for my Loyal Kazakhstan Following

Update 1/10/11: For some reason "Kazakhstan" has been a major search term for the past two weeks and has driven quite a bit of traffic to this page on the site. The information in this entry isn't special at all, so I'd like to direct you to a much more useful page if you wound up here. Here is the most "liked" page of the blog... low back pain (part 1) and here is a link to the book page on so you can get your copy of the highly acclaimed "The Theory of Fat Loss"

While checking the statistics for this blog, I found it quite interesting that I had a bunch of page hits from Kazakhstan. It didn't surprise me that I had visitors from the UK, Germany, and Spain, because I know people that are in those countries right now. Kazakhstan, on the other hand... I don't believe I know anybody that lives there. So, for all the people of Kazakhstan that read English, this blog entry is for you!

Yesterday night, I did a search for some demographic information of Kazakhstan. Apparently it is the 9th largest country in the world. I had no idea! Unfortunately, Kazakhstan citizens have a very high prevalence of coronary heart disease and an obesity rate that is above most other countries. When it comes to obesity, I don't believe they are as bad off as us lazy Americans though!

What I was not able to do was find a lot of information on fitness centers in the country. That leads me to believe that there isn't a big selection of places to choose from to train. Hopefully I'm wrong and just don't know how to use Google when searching anywhere other than the US. But anyway, if access to nice gyms is an issue, what options are there for training? More importantly, will my book be useful to a Kazakhstan citizen looking to lose fat and get fit?

I believe the answer is yes. While I emphasize repeatedly the importance of strength when it comes to fat loss, it is possible to bypass a strength limitation with some creativity. That means that if you don't have access to a gym to do some progressive resistance training, there are other options. In fact, Unit 3 of my book is designed to help people figure out their limits and give them practical solutions to all the limits they might have! For example, if you don't have weights to increase your absolute intensity, you can circuit train with explosive body weight movements: jumping, sprinting, plyometric pushups, split squat jumps, etc. That is just one option among infinite possibilities.

 Training outside on the hills and enjoying some beautiful scenery is another option!

If you don't know what I am referring to when I say absolute intensity, be sure to sign up for the free fat loss special report; you can do so now by visiting the theory of fat loss official facebook page

This entry clearly applies to more than just the population of Kazakhstan. Anybody can put this advice to use. Maybe you don't have time to strength train because you need to lose 10 pounds by the end of the month for a big event. Go out and be creative. Train as intensely as you can without heavy weights. Don't take a long time for rest. Keep moving. Perform power exercises and complex, full body movements. Get creative, and get out and train as hard as you can for that month!

If anybody from Kazakhstan is interested in bringing The Theory of Fat Loss to Kazakhstan, feel free to contact me with any suggestions you might have. Who knows, maybe we can work together and get it translated to the Kazakh language!

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