Sunday, November 21, 2010

Theory of Fat Loss Book Update

Update: 1/2/2011
Apparently the google search term for The Theory of Fat Loss brings people to this page before the home page. So, I've decided to update this entry. The book was released on 12/15/2010, and you can learn more about the book (and get a 15% discount) by visiting its official facebook page: ... and don't forget to click on the bonuses tab at the top of this page after you invest in your copy... there is a TON of free stuff for you.

I received the final edit of my book back from my editor, Harvard graduate David D. Aguilar, and I am just about ready to publish. I am just waiting on the foreword to be completed by one of my book contributors, and then I should be good to go. I also need to design a cover for the book. I'm thinking just a straight up black cover with text. Sleek and simple. I hate those books with pictures of thin and shapely people because they are models that likely didn't even follow the methods described in the book. It's a little too fake for me. I'll let the jet black void draw people in. After all, wearing black makes you look thin. Of course my other option is putting this guy on the cover:

That is one fat monkey. I didn't know anything could eat that many bananas. Anyway, if everything goes according to plan with the publishing and there are no unexpected delays or other snafus... the book should be out by mid-December. Cheers!

One final note: I just finished up creating all the "Bonuses" that you can get access to for free after you purchase the book. There are 6 program templates, a 6 month (5 phase) training program that one of my clients actually followed exactly, an assessment and programming form, and a sample "done-for-you" 3x per week hypertrophy program. Typically, I charge 50 dollars for an assessment and a training program, and you get 12 all for free (with your book purchase of course). Anyway, that's all I have for you today. Look out for a post soon about P90X.

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