Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can you Eat Out and Still Lose Weight?

Many people think that when it comes time to changing their diets to burn more fat that they have to stop eating out. Oftentimes this is the deal breaker. People do not like having to give up eating at their favorite restaurants. Those that understand what fat loss dieting is really about, however, realize that eating out is not the enemy and that it can be done intelligently and effectively. Jake "Sausage Link" Skrabacz is one of those people. So today I bring you a guest post (and another small book excerpt) from him with some helpful suggestions for how to manage eating at restaurants when you are dieting.

Cheeseburger, nuggets, and fries pizza
Probably not the most intelligent fat loss diet decision
A cutting phase does NOT mark the end of eating out. In fact, eating out will HELP you to remain consistent, as it makes dieting seem much less about restriction and more about learning how to adapt to culinary environments in a way that suits your goals. A few helpful tips include:

1. No bread please.
Next time you order a burger, order it wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Order a burrito in a bowl without the tortilla or side of chips. Get all your favorite sub ingredients over a salad instead of in a roll. This goes a long way to bring down calories and carbs.

2. What comes with that?
This is a great question to ask. Most entrees you order come with a side, and most restaurants are willing to make substitutions if you remember to smile when you inquire. Typically, your best bet will be green and steamed.

3. Investigate
It's always worth doing a little research (Google will suffice) on your favorite restaurants. You might end up surprised that a local fast food dive might just be serving some relatively high quality meat, especially the privately owned ones. How are the cows raised? How do they cook their food?

4. Weigh your options.
Choosing where to eat can also make a world of difference. This is where your new found investigations skills come in handy. Simply put, choose the restaurant where you can find the healthiest available meal.

5. Enjoy!
While you do not have to give up eating out for your sanity's sake, it is worth putting the experience into proper content. It is a luxury, so get the most out of it. You still want to cook most of your meals, so take it as a learning experience. Learn how to make your food at home more like the food at your favorite restaurant.

The "Sausage Link" Transformation

For those that are interested, Jake followed the principles of the "Paleo" diet in conjunction with his training when he made this transformation. For more information on the Paleo diet, check out the book The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet.

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