About the Author

Timothy Ward is never satisfied with simply knowing that something works. He needs to know why things work the way they do. For the longest time, he was confused as to the reason why the same exercise program performed by many different people could yield such varied results. After years of training people in the trenches and studying the works of other renowned fitness professionals, he had one of those "aha!" moments. Out of this, The Theory of Fat Loss was born.
Tim graduated from the University of Notre Dame at the age of 20 after just 3 years of study. He began his personal training career at 18 and has been working with people ever since. He is currently the Operations Manager at Fitness Consulting Group based out of Elizabethtown, KY and is heavily involved in both the ongoing development of the Athletic RevolutionTM and Fitness RevolutionTM franchisee operations manuals and providing support for franchisees.

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