Buyers Bonuses

Dear friend,

Thank you for purchasing your copy of The Theory of Fat Loss! (If you haven't ordered your copy yet, get it here).

As promised, here are all the free bonuses you can download!

Bonus #1: The Theory of Fat Loss limit assessment and programming forms (a $10 value)
Bonus #2: The Theory of Fat Loss customizable 2x, 3x, and 4x per week training templates for both basic strength/power and hypertrophy (valued at $50 each for a total value of $300)
Bonus #3: A sample 3x per week “done-for you” hypertrophy program (a $50 value)
Bonus #4: A copy of the actual 5 phase training program used by the author to train the client discussed in Case Study 3 of The Theory of Fat Loss (a $250 value)

To receive your free bonuses, simply click the link below! No need to verify that you actually purchased the book. Honor System!

Download Your Bonuses Here (right click and select "save as")

Feeling guilty because you didn't get the book...?

Don't worry about it. You can have the bonuses anyway. =]

Tim Ward

P.S.- Of course, you can still get the book here if it's really bothering you.