Saturday, April 28, 2012

Derrick Rose Tears ACL- Is Improper Exercise and Movement to Blame

Derrick Rose ACL Tear- Many factors go into suffering an injury such as the injury Derrick Rose suffered today against the 76ers. On this blog, I cover topics related to fat loss and exercise, and I believe Rose's injury has a lot to do with how he moves.

I also have a basketball blog, and I figured this topic would be more relevant there, so, if you are interested in learning about the mechanism behind the Rose injury, please follow this link.

Derrick Rose Tears His ACL

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lower Body Coaching Cues: "Tripod Foot" or "Drive Through the Heel"?

Recently I became involved in co-authoring a coaching course that fitness business owners will be able to use to streamline the training of any coaches that they hire. I also recently just performed a training assessment and am teaching someone how to squat and deadlift, something I haven't done for several months.

All this recent work on the fitness side of the fitness industry (rather than the business side) has inspired me to write a blog post. I haven't posted a fitness blog post since my latest book. This is simply because I haven't done any training since then, and I didn't want to post anything that was purely theoretical without any basis in reality.

However, in teaching this new "client" (I'm doing this for fun; I'm not charging her) how to squat and deadlift, I had a little "aha" moment that I wanted to share.