About the Book

The Theory of Fat Loss is not like any other exercise book on fat loss. Fat loss books are usually written to suggest that one follow a specific type of exercise program.

That approach is perfectly fine. Most of my personal favorite exercise books are written that way. However, I do not feel that we need another book like that. If I were to write a program for fat loss and then write a book about that program, I would not feel confident that that would be the best program for any one person. Fat loss programs must be personalized to be optimal.

In order to truly personalize a fat loss program, we must delve deeper into the reasons why exercise programs are successful or not successful. We need a greater understanding of fat loss theory. Why does one program work for one person and the same exact program fail for another? There has never been a way to objectively and individually determine whether a fat loss program has merit before one completes it. That is the purpose of The Theory of Fat Loss.

The most powerful thing about this book, however, is that I believe it will stand the test of time. Exercise programs come and go like fads. What is effective today will be outdated tomorrow. This book dives deep into theory and will hold true no matter what methods are developed in the field.

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