Monday, April 4, 2011

The ONE Thing You Need to Know About Fat Loss Theory

If you wanted to take one point away from The Theory of Fat Loss and one point only, a concept that summarizes in it's entirety what fat loss theory is truly about in terms of exercise, then I would tell you one word... PROGRESSION.

In my previous post, Fat Loss Theory and the Hedgehog Concept, I discuss that there are two types of exercisers, those who are foxes, overwhelmed with the infinite means to the same end, and those who are hedgehogs. The hedgehogs know that to be successful long term with an exercise program, you only need to continue to get better. Simply put, once you stop progressing in the gym, you stop getting results!

In other words... you won't look like this:

... training like this:

The fact that some people still go to the gym and do the same thing they've always done and expect different results is insanity! Take the following example:

People regularly approach my friend and distance consulting client Jake about losing fat when they can't seem to get results. He is obviously the expert because... well... you can see for yourself.

He actually doesn't care for this picture anymore because it was before he added an appreciable amount of muscle to that frame, but that's besides the point. The guy clearly knows how to get into the single digits of BF%. But anyway, the people that ask him ALWAYS are looking for some secret... like there is some magical technique or method of training that he uses.

There is... and it is called... progression. Except the thing is... that "secret" isn't a secret and is as old as weight training itself! My favorite story so far has been when someone asked, "What do you do... high reps and low weight?" Jake responded, "No, I do high reps and high weight." For some reason, it confused the hell out of the guy asking the question like it was some mind boggling new age concept.

It comes down to the question, "Are you getting better, or are you just getting tired?" Your body adapts to your training stimulus... so if you don't seek to improve in at least one area of fitness, you are going to remain at your current level of fitness... the same weight, the same strength, the same everything.

There you go. Progression... the ONE thing you need to know about having a successful exercise program and the key to fat loss theory. Any questions?

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  1. hahaha...would never call myself an expert. I just learned how important consistency is in the kitchen and in the weight room. I think it's important to know that you DON'T have to be an expert to see results you want. You do have to be disciplined and dedicated, though. I will never lie to anyone by telling them it was easy =)


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