Friday, November 26, 2010

Quiz: The Theory of Absolute Intensity

As a way to test your knowledge on fat loss, I have put together this brief quiz for you to take. Let me know in the comments section how you did!

Troubleshooting: Some people have not been able to change their answers after clicking a selection, so be aware of that. If clicking a bubble doesn't work, try clicking on the text next to it. That seems to do the trick!

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Well, how'd you do? If you didn't get at least a 4 out of 5, I suggest signing up for this free fat loss special report. It will straighten you out!


  1. That was impossible.


  2. My friend who received a pre-release copy of the book scored a 5/5.

    It seems like everyone else is doing pretty poorly, as I expected. The high score other than that guy is a 2/5 so far!

    This just goes to show how little people actually know about exercise!

  3. Nice. But you read the book... so that was expected.


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