Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Burn Fat Fast: A Better Solution

How to burn fat fast... that is what seemingly everyone wants to know. They don't want to know how to be healthy. They don't want to learn the theory behind fat loss They want to know how to wake up tomorrow with a six pack without having to put forth any physical effort, without having to change their diets, and without having to revamp their lifestyles. Unfortunately for them, even if they could take fat off quickly... the truth of the matter is this: SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS YIELD SHORT TERM RESULTS.

Recently, Eric Cressey decided to "Facebook recycle" a year old gem of a blog post: When is Rapid Fat Loss Ideal? The takeaway quote from this post is remarkably similar to a book that I wrote...

"I’m not saying that rapid fat loss programs don’t have merit; I’ve seen a lot of people get tremendous results when the program was the right fit for them. However, I also know that handing a NFL running back’s training program to a 12-year-old Pop Warner running back isn’t appropriate in light of his experience. The same can be said for novice trainees who try to drop body fat too quickly; they are skipping steps and missing out on crucial adaptations – including strength and muscle mass gains – that could bode more favorably for long-term progress."

If you haven't done any strength training in your life, and if you have no muscle on your frame, you shouldn't be doing a fat loss program designed for rapid results. Your primary responsibility is to educate yourself. Here is your real fat loss big picture solution... not "how to burn fat fast" but how to make a lasting change in your life so that you never need to worry about losing fat fast ever again.

1. Stop eating so much sh*t that was never able reproduce.
2. Master some fundamental movement patterns including but not limited to squatting, picking stuff up off the floor, pushing, and pulling.
3. Add resistance to those movements so that every month your workouts are more absolutely intense than last months workouts.
4. Stick with your program for at least 6 weeks (and probably up to 12 weeks) before making any drastic changes.
4. Learn variations and progressions of those movements.
5. Repeat number 3 for the new movements.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for a year while continuing to follow step 1.
7. Follow a rapid fat loss program.
8. Follow step 1 for the rest of your life and continue to train with purpose.

There you go. Of course, if you want some help with some programming, check out my facebook page and download some free training templates: http://facebook.com/thetheoryoffatloss.


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