Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE Theory of Fat Loss featured on Fit Business Insider

I just wanted to provide you all with a brief update. I have BIG news about the book. It was just featured on Pat Rigsby's website, Fit Business Insider. This is fantastic. If any of you have heard who Pat is or how much influence he has in the fitness industry, you'll know why I am so excited about this. Please, if you get a chance, check out the article.


Also, I'll be on WJOL radio tomorrow morning around 7:15 AM. That serves Joliet, IL, a city with about 150,000 people. If you aren't from Joliet, which I am guessing you aren't... you can listen to me online if you want at http://www.wjol.com/

One final note... I wanted to give some props to my DJ friend over at http://www.widb.net/wp/revolution/ They provide a different variety of music than mainstream radio. So, if you are a fan of new artists from the alternative, indie, metal, and underground hip hop genres, I'd recommend spending a few minutes checking them out. Maybe they'll have me on their show as well...

Have a great day!


And don't forget to pick up your copy of The Theory of Fat Loss for 15% off. Just visit the facebook page for details. http://facebook.com/thetheoryoffatloss.

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